Monday, October 01, 2007

Other Stuff I've been doin'

Mom hasn't been posting much about my life lately, so let's get caught up!

Uncle Brian, my Dad's best friend, came for a visit. This is him pulling into his parking spot (ha ha). Uncle Brian is a Navy fighter pilot. We got to go with Dad to pick him up on Coronado Island.
We even go to check-out his plane.

Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate incident where a two year old accidently hit a button in the cockpit and dropped one of the fuel tanks, we were not able to actually get in the plane. Being on the tarmack right next to the plane was pretty cool though!

Nic and I are practicing for Jedi school. He's Darth Vader and I'm a Jedi. You have to have a bad guy to praactice with!

One of our last summer days at the beach! Uncle Kevin came down from Ventura to hang with us and get sandy! He's a hoot!

Hannah, Nic and me having a good time at the park by the beach.

Nicky's 2nd birthday party with his first mate, cousin Katie!

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