Friday, October 05, 2007

Feeling better!

I haven't been eating anything by mouth lately. Everything tastes bad and I've been feeling really tummy-ache-ish, but I didn't really know how to tell my mom and dad about it until I really got the throw-up feeling or I just threw up. My doctor, Dr. Roberts, told mom to pick-up some green medicine for me to take with my other throw-up medicine. And guess what? It worked! After mom gave me the medicine I ate 3 carrots and a hotdog. Mom and Dad said they're going to make sure I get my two throw-up medicines all day/everyday so I don't have that yucky tummy feeling anymore. Whew!

New Star Wars Lego Commercial

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pills, pills, pills

This week I got really tired of taking all my dang pills. I have to take 6 pills in the morning and 3 or 4 pills every night. It wouldn't be so bad, except some of those pills fall apart on my tongue and they taste really bad so I spit them out - then I have to try to take them again until I get them down. I really, really hate that. It really makes me feel awful. The other morning I was so freaked out by having to take my pills that I accidentally threw up. That felt pretty bad, too. Mom told me that she would find another way to get the medicine in me and give me a break. I said, "one week with no pills would be great!"

This is a picture of all my medicine bottles. I get all this stuff every day - and my mom wonders why I'm not hungry?Oh yeah, and nothing here tastes good like Flintstone vitamins or cherry Tylenol.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Skateboarders ROCK, man!

Last Friday a special surprise came my way. My buddy, Sam, and I were invited to a special skateboarding demonstration with the one and only Tony Hawk, skateboarding legend and ultra-pro-awesome boarder.

This is me and Sam waiting for our turn to do some backside ollies and 720's. I could tell it was really easy to pick this stuff up, because the skateboarders doing the demo were having no trouble at all.

Bucky Lasek is showing off in the upper left corner of this shot. See how high in the air he is? The top of the ramp is 13 feet high - he's even higher. Ask an adult to show you how high 20 feet is and you'll get an idea of the air these guys were catching.

We sat at one end of the 1/2 pipe right at the edge. We had to look up to where the guys started. They would just push their boards to the edge and drop right down the side. CrAzY! It was straight down!

I was absolutely amazed by the things they did on those boards in that 1/2 pipe. Tony Hawk is totally the best skater ever. Did you know that he's the same age as my Dad? He is! My dad can't ride a board like Tony.

This is Sam and I after a wild session in the pipe hanging with the guys. There's Shawn White (of Olympic Snowboarding fame), an 18 yr old guy from France, two more guys that did awesome stuff during the demo, and Tony Hawk. Ahh Mooooom! What's that white glare on Tony's face! Nice... (Mom is hoping Sam's mom will email her a picture without the big white splotch on Tony. Mom is also hoping someone will tell her the names of the guys in this picture as well as the blonde guy doing the trick in the following video clip. Bueller, any one?)

Here's a cool video clip of an awesome trick Tony did with Bucky and another guy whose name my mom can't seem to remember. More cool video clips are below. Tony Hawk in the white T doing the awesome tricks. For more cool photos you can check out Sam's website, too.

This was the coolest thing I've ever seen... ever. Thank you, Tony Hawk for letting us hang out. You Rock!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Other Stuff I've been doin'

Mom hasn't been posting much about my life lately, so let's get caught up!

Uncle Brian, my Dad's best friend, came for a visit. This is him pulling into his parking spot (ha ha). Uncle Brian is a Navy fighter pilot. We got to go with Dad to pick him up on Coronado Island.
We even go to check-out his plane.

Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate incident where a two year old accidently hit a button in the cockpit and dropped one of the fuel tanks, we were not able to actually get in the plane. Being on the tarmack right next to the plane was pretty cool though!

Nic and I are practicing for Jedi school. He's Darth Vader and I'm a Jedi. You have to have a bad guy to praactice with!

One of our last summer days at the beach! Uncle Kevin came down from Ventura to hang with us and get sandy! He's a hoot!

Hannah, Nic and me having a good time at the park by the beach.

Nicky's 2nd birthday party with his first mate, cousin Katie!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Summer Vacation

Hooray! Summer vacation! Hannah & I went to two summer camps this year: SportsJam at our old Preschool church and Camp Reach for the Sky with the American Cancer Society. Mom doesn't have any photos of these camps because she wasn't there, but I assure you we had lots of fun at both!

When Daddy finally took his vacation in August we hit the beach everday! One day we even went to the Water-Rock Park (Cottonwood Creek in Encintias) one day for a change of venue.

We hit the Wild Animal Park at Dark one evening. I highly recommend that trip because we were at the Lions enclosure at sunset and the Lion King started ROARING! It was so cool! We did Nightime Zoo, too. The animals at both parks are way more active in the evening. There was lots to see.

One day we met our neighbors, Melissa & Jenna (and their mom) at the beach. Our lucky day: the lifeguards took us for a ride in their boat! (It's all about who you know...) We did doughnuts out past the waves and zipped up and down the beach. The best part of the ride was when the lifeguards let Hannah drive. She grabbed the throttle and gave it a big, quick turn! The boat took off so fast that Hannah and one of the lifeguards flew out of the back of the boat! It was crazy! Hannah found out how life vests work.

The second week of Daddy's vacation we went to Disneyland and California Adventure for FOUR DAYS! WOO-HOO! This was our first trip since Nic was born, therefore, Nicky's first time at D-Land.
Hannah made it a ritual of eating at least one bag of cotton candy each day.

Here's Hannah after cotton candy on here very first ride on a big-kid rollercoaster: California Screamin'! This is her white-knuckled at take off. She said she was a little scared at the beginning but loved it!

Nicky & Mommy rode Heimlich's Chew-Chew train,

while Hannah, Daddy & I did the bumper beetles.

Here we are hangin' out with Sully, Mike and Boo at the Monsters Inc ride.

We spent some time at the pool - it was very hot while we were there!

Nicky fell in love with the water slide and must've slide down it 100 times!

We were able to enter Disneyland early (hotel guest privledge!) and we went on about 8 rides before the park opened. No lines anywhere - oh, except the Nemo ride because that's where all the hotel guests went. We'll see about that ride next we visit.

Even the Dumbo ride had no wait!

Me, Hannah & Nicky on the Princess Carousel.Just after breakfast overlooking the Mark Twain paddlewheeler and Tom Sawyers Island.

Hannah getting a little Pixie Dust!

Bad parking job, Nicky!

Ahhh... cooling down in ToonTown with a quart of slurpee. Can't beat it!

Yeah... Radiator Springs has arrived.

That's us on the left side of the boat. Mom's in the white-t, I'm leaning forward on her right, Hannah's on her left. This ride is totally fun! We got a little wet this trip. When Dad went with us we got drenched by a geizer! It was hilarious!

Kasey Jr.'s coming down the track! Carrying popcorn and cracker jacks! My family in the monkey car!

No. I didn't go on the Matterhorn. We're in line for the Storybook Land boat ride.

It's a Small World after all! Nicky actually liked this ride!

Oh yeah - I'm driving a car at the autopia!

Here's a ride Nicky really didn't like: the Jungle Cruise. This is him freakin' out when the boat driver shot at the hippos. Hannah & I think this is a great ride.

I don't have pictures of my favorite rides: Buzz Lightyear and Star Tours. This was my first year to be able to go on Star Tours and it is wicked! We had a crazy droid driver in our star-tour bus who over shot the moon of Endor; he flew us through a comet; then somehow we ended up helping the rebels blow up the death star! Oh my gosh - I was in love from the get-go!

Today was the last day of vacation. We went to the beach with Stephanie & Ben and met more friends while we were there. It was great. But I'm glad school is starting Monday! See ya there!

Friday, July 13, 2007


This week I spent 3-1/2 days in the hospital because I had a fever on Monday when I went in for my blood check. Yuck.

I didn't actually feel very sick so it made the days extra long. Especially since I couldn't even leave my hospital room to go to the playroom or anything! You see, my germ fighting white blood cells were low so the nurses and doctors didn't want me to catch something from anyone else and since I had a fever I might give some bad germs to another kid. No fun.

Hannah and Nicky came to play with me on two different days.

Also, my big cousin Jake came all the way from Minnesota just to play Break-the-Ice with me. Isn't that great? Actually, Jake is a SWCC. Also known as the "Boat Guy" for the Navy Seals. He drives the boat and drops those Seal guys off for combat in far away places. (Man, I hope my mom has her facts straight!)
SWCC = Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crew

Cousin Jake made a few phone calls and set-up a ride on a SWCC boat for me! This is me and Jake cruisin' San Diego Bay. Look at the wake this boat throws up! I thought we were really moving fast, but Mom said they took it nice and easy with me onboard.

Jason, our driver for the trip, took us over by the big aircraft carrier that's having some work done on it.
Me and Jake again!

The Downtown Skyline.

My favorite: the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. I've never seen it from the water before. It's very tall!

Oh yeah... they let me drive the boat... (That's my cousin Mikey sitting behind me. Mikey and his Dad got to come with us!)

This is me and Jason... while I'm driving the boat.

This is my crew. back row: Mr. Shawn SWCC Instructor, Jake, Cary SWCC Instructor. front row: Jason and Me (driving!)

Thanks Jake and Mr. Shawn (SWCC Instructor) for letting me check out your cool boat. Next time can we set-up the guns on the front and the back?